The Search for Eldorado... a Short Story About the Journey to Success

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Growing up in Syria in the 1980’s, we didn’t have cable TV, just one state owned and controlled channel, not so different from Gorge Orwell’s '1984', only a little less dramatic.

We had about 1 hour of children’s programs, the most important hour of the day. We were glued to our seats, not willing to move for anything or anyone.

One series that influenced me the most was 'The Adventures of Pepero'. Pepero, a young boy living in the Andes, sets off on a journey to find his father, who has gone missing while on a quest to find Eldorado, a secret city made entirely out of gold.

In this remarkable journey into the unknown, danger is waiting behind every turn, and powerful enemies will stop at nothing to get to Eldorado first and keep it all for themselves.

Challenged beyond what any 10 years old kid can withstand, Pepero continues the journey with the help of few friends he makes along the way and finds his father and Eldorado.

The search for Eldorado doesn’t end with finding the city. After the king of Eldorado offers Pepero all the gold and precious stones that Pepero can carry, in return for saving the king’s son and daughter, Pepero declines the offer and asks for the “treasure of the forefathers” to save his people from poverty.

The king then leads him to Eldorado’s corn fields and says: “This is the true treasure of Eldorado. But these seeds will not grow on their own, they need compassion, hard work, and wisdom, my son.”

The king hands the corn to Pepero and says: “What will truly save your people from poverty is the bravery, proactivity, hard work, compassion, and wisdom that got you to Eldorado.”

Pepero journey’s back to his village with the seeds and the search finally ends with finding Eldorado within himself. Pepero fulfils his destiny as the hero and saviour of his people.

Your journey to success is much like the search for Eldorado, it is an outer world journey to find your inner world treasure.