[Workshop] Hack Your Growth Using The Largest Professional Network On Earth


A little over two years ago I came to Vancouver and I didn't know anyone here. But within a few months, I was more connected more than most successful people in this amazing city. That had the biggest impact on my success and journey.

I started looking for a job and a footing in my new community like many immigrants in a new country. But I quickly realized that the massive effort I was putting applying for jobs, the sleepless nights searching on the web, working on my website and my resume had little or no impact at all.

200 job applications and one lousy interview later, I was no closer to finding a job or a source of income. So I decided to do what I do best; connect with people, and I used LinkedIn as my channel of choice.

With +433 million professionals, LinkedIn is the perfect professional network! But so many entrepreneurs fail to use this incredible resource to grow their network, connect to mentors, co-founders, investors and get more customers! Instead, they spend their time, energy and money on outdated marketing and networking tactics that fail to generate any meaningful results.

When mastered, LinkedIn networking is a huge asset to any successful entrepreneur, and with the right strategies and tactics, you can break through the challenges you face when growing your network on LinkedIn. 

As a result of hacking my own growth using LinkedIn, today I'm the General Manager of the top incubator of tech startups in Western Canada, my connections include best-selling authors, top investors, and rising entrepreneurs in North America, some I'm proud to call my friends. I'm also a sought after advisor and consultant, and I keep getting head hunted for top jobs. A dream life I would've never realized if I didn't use the strategies and tactics that I will share with you in this workshop.

That is right; I will share EVERYTHING** with you, all the mistakes, all the breakthroughs, no BS, and no Secrets!

In this workshop, you will master the skills needed to massively grow your network on LinkedIn, even if you are starting with 0 connections. You'll learn how to:

  • Create the perfect profile that makes people want to connect with you

  • Understand key networking methodologies, strategies, and tactics

  • Understand how to get 99% of people you invite to accept and build a powerful network of top influencers

  • Master the skills needed to grow your network, connect to mentors, co-founders, investors and get more customers

  • Start immediately with very limited or no resources at all.

Whatever your level of networking or LinkedIn knowledge, this workshop will help you whether you're starting with an idea, building your startup, or have a successful business. 

Can't wait to see the results you're going to create for yourself with what you learn in this workshop.

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** As much as the workshop time allows ;)