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My name is Hussein, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for education and had a bias for getting shit done.

However, throughout my life, I wanted many things and dreamt of being many things, and it was always hard for me to reconcile dreams against the mainstream common sense in business and in life. 

No matter how much I tried to adopt the mentality of building a career and achieving what others consider a success, I just couldn’t.

No matter how much I tried to find THE way, path, method, or guide to living a dream life, I failed, and worse, I felt like a failure.

I didn’t let the people around me know, so many thought I was a success, but I certainly didn’t feel like one.

It took me a while to get here. I no longer give a shit about what others think, and I no longer worry about what success is in the collective wisdom of the world. I’m now living a remarkable life.

Now this is very different than an amazing life, or a dream life, cause there is no such thing, it’s a lie that people use on the internet to sell you shit.

A remarkable life simply means, a life worth remarking on, worth mentioning, worth living. To whom?! To you!

It doesn’t mean a life without hardships, pain, or challenges, cause that is no life at all. It means a life of choice. A life where hardships, pain, or challenges are the product of your choice to pursue your passions, your dreams, and what matters most to you.

After years of building businesses, going after many passions, and achieving multiple levels of success, I discovered that what matters, what truly matters more than living a life that others accept, being someone they love, and achieving success they admire, is to live a life I value, be someone I love, and achieve what is meaningful to me.

What truly matters is living life on my own terms.

Now, I didn’t achieve this on my own. I’ve been lucky to have met so many remarkable people who helped me get here. I learned a lot, and gained a lot of knowledge that I then used to help others do the same.

Unleashed is my gift to the world and to you. It’s my way of giving back. I make a lot of what I learned available at no cost. And I built a few courses that you can sign up to for free and some for a relatively small fee. That way, where ever you are on your journey, and whatever your life circumstances, you have no bullshit excuses to stop you from learning and moving forward.

If you find what I share here valuable, take action on it today!

Also, please consider helping others, by teaching them what you’ve learned, and by sharing what you found valuable.

Finally, please consider supporting me and my mission to unleash breakthroughs in everyone’s life in one of the following ways:


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Remarkable productivity tips, hacks, books, and resources by successful professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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It's more important than ever to build a successful personal brand. It’s no longer about how much money you have to spend on ads.

Unstoppable drive and passion as a world-class speaker
— Angela Mkwananzi, Youth Achieving Success
Clear and direct leadership style with an authentic voice
— Jacqueline Jennings, The Next Big Thing
Really life changing and totally what I needed to kick start the next step
— Anna Chan, My Momentum
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